• "It's wonderful how much the energy has shifted in our
    I feel like it's continuing to work! Day by day, the better I feel!"

  • "Thank goodness for the With Heart Crystal Grids!! HOLY MOLY they are powerful AF!!!  SO so so so grateful for their assistance!"

  • "This grid! I just did my first call with it sitting here beside me...Dannnng! Feeling the love of With Heart crystals today. Thank you for bringing them into my life with such amazing high vibes!"

Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are an arrangement of crystals in a specific way, to help you create a desired result. All With Heart crystals are aligned with only the highest levels of Divine Healing Light and are sacredly aligned with God and the highest to create only aligned and desired results, from which only the Highest and Greatest Good for All Beings will result.

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Choosing Your Crystal

As you are browsing our site, take in the name of each crystal or grid when you see it. Does the name align with you and feel good and expansive? If so - click to see and read more! Then, as you are looking at the photos, tune into the energy of the crystals.

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