About Crystal Grids

Crystal grids are an arrangement of crystals in a specific way, to help you create a desired result. All With Heart crystals are aligned with only the highest levels of Divine Healing Light and are sacredly aligned with God and the highest to create only aligned and desired results, from which only the Highest and Greatest Good for All Beings will result. (This basically means - our crystals are so aligned, that no weird funkiness will result from the use of them!)  

Each of the With Heart Crystals have been intuitively put together into high-vibrational grids.  
The With Heart Crystal Grids have then been charged with a specific intention (as well as lots of love and light!), to help you create your desired result in life. With Heart Grids with selenite in them are used to surround a room, sacred area, or building - and will “surround” that space with the energy of what it is you are desiring to create. Certain crystals work in certain ways - so check each specific grid for certain messages and energy!

*Keep in mind that clear quartz crystals are highly chargeable and can be easily charged with an additional energy or specific intention of your choosing!

Grids that are smaller or directional (hint - look for the ones with the amethyst points in them!) are meant to be kept close together - and are brought in to help direct very specific energy toward a transformation or whatever it is you are wanting to create.  Don’t forget to pray over your grid - and set a strong intention for the use of every single grid you bring into your sacred space!

Grids also work to “anchor” high-vibrational energy to the earth. Our high-vibrational light-being teachers, guides, ascended masters and angels, do not have a physical body and can only come in when we invite them into our physical space. But with crystals, we can invite in certain energies, guides, or angels to work “with” the crystal - so you have a physical representation of them with you on the earth!  You will find this begins to happen naturally when you have a collection of crystals. Each crystal takes on a special meaning or energy to you.  And if you are not sure and are curious about a certain crystal - ask your higher self to reveal what this crystal is meant to do in your life, or how it is meant to help you.

Note - when “charging” your own crystals with your personal intentions and energies, remember to only invite in energies, guides, teachers, and angels that are only of the highest levels of Divine Healing Light. This ensures that your crystals are pure, and safely aligned with beings that have only the highest and greatest good intentions!