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2-3" Amethyst points (4), malachite tumble (1), rose quartz tumbles (4) // This powerful grid features 4 rose quartz tumbled stones, 4 high-quality raw amethyst points, and 1 transformational malachite tumbled stone. This grid carries the frequencies of unconditional love, clarity, and transformation, and is designed to help you love yourself through the entire growth and transformation process. Keep this grid close together and placed in an intentional space for most effective use. Pray over this grid and ask for help from only the highest levels of divine healing support to assist you to lovingly purify and release energies no longer serving you or your highest and greatest good, and know that it is done. All of our crystals have been energetically cleansed, cleared, BioCharged, and prayed over. May only the highest and greatest good for all beings result from the use of this grid.

About With Heart Crystals

With Heart Crystals are the most high-vibrational crystals in the world! Every With Heart Crystal has been intuitively hand-selected from high-vibrational crystal dealers and gem miners, and then very intentionally cleansed & cleared of old programming or energies. (We wash & detail every single crystal by hand- and use high-frequency light and energy to clear and recharge each one!)  Every single crystal is then BioCharged® with NEW high-end energy technology, prayed over, and aligned to only the highest levels of Divine Healing Light to support your journey.

The With Heart Shop is the most high-vibrational crystal re-seller in the world.