Crystal Cleansing Process

Your With Heart Crystals have already been hand-detailed, charged, cleaned, BioCharged®, prayed over, and sealed, so they are almost ready to go! After travel - they may need a quick “re-charge” of these energies - so if you feel like they do, then take your crystals and rinse them or dip them in COLD water to recharge and re-set their original intention!  (Please note - selenite does not need to be regularly cleansed or re-charged, as it is already a very high angelic frequency that prevents it from absorbing or letting other energies “stick” to it, but if you feel you would like to clean it anyway - make sure you do so very quickly, as to limit the selenite’s exposure to water, - and be sure to thoroughly dry it immediately using a hair dryer on “cool” setting!)
If later on, you are ready to re-charge or re-set your entire grid or crystal, do so by first taking a quiet moment to thank the crystal for its service and for serving you with its previous intention thus far. Once you are ready to begin the process, first start by rinsing and thoroughly cleansing the crystal in WARM water to release any old energies or old programming, and then begin to focus on the new energy you are wanting to align it with now. Then once it feels clean, immediately switch to COLD water (or dip it in ice water) and focus only on the new energy you are ready to charge it with. This will charge it with the new energy and “seal” this energy in!  Do this entire process one crystal at a time for best results.

It is recommended to air dry the crystals (except selenite!), and store them in a clean and dry space. Enjoy! Xoxoxo