How to Choose Your Crystal

First of all, it’s a feeling! As you are browsing our site, take in the name of each crystal or grid when you see it. Does the name align with you and feel good and expansive? If so - click to see and read more!
Then, as you are looking at the photos, tune into the energy of the crystals. Each crystal is one of a kind, and has been hand-selected to bring to our shop, so you know it’s already a good one! It has also been aligned to only the highest levels of vibrational healing light - and will already serve the highest.  It’s now up to you to decide if the crystal or grid is in alignment with your journey and will help you accomplish what you are desiring to accomplish!
You can also “ask” the crystal grid if it is “yours”, or if it is meant to work with you in this life. And when in doubt, always also ask your higher self!