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NEW Worldchanger Coffee Mug

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Jumpstart your day with the Worldchanger coffee mug. Being a conscious leader and means starting each and every day with proper intention. You are here to do big things in this world. Spread your message in a positive and uplifting way when drinking from this mug. 

Know of other Worldchangers that are making a difference? Give the gift that keeps on giving. Spread the love with our Worldchanger Merch.

Size: 16oz

About With Heart Crystals

With Heart Crystals are the most high-vibrational crystals in the world! Every With Heart Crystal has been intuitively hand-selected from high-vibrational crystal dealers and gem miners, and then very intentionally cleansed & cleared of old programming or energies. (We wash & detail every single crystal by hand- and use high-frequency light and energy to clear and recharge each one!)  Every single crystal is then BioCharged® with NEW high-end energy technology, prayed over, and aligned to only the highest levels of Divine Healing Light to support your journey.

The With Heart Shop is the most high-vibrational crystal re-seller in the world.